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Dungeon Smash now available on the Xbox Indie Games Channel

Dungeon Smash, a twin-stick-shooter, fantasy role-playing game, is now available on the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Indie Games Channel for 240 Microsoft Points.

The game features four-player co-op with the four playable heroes. Balbak is the Gladiator and while he is slow, his strength is in melee attacks. Xan is the Assassin, who is fast and fights with dual blades. Alandro is a Paladin who is heavily armoured and wields a hammer. Shayleah is an elven Warlock who has strong powers but poor defense.

Dungeon Smash was developed by independent outfit, Haiku Interactive, whose previous games include AvaGlide, Space Police on Super Highway 9 and Crate Expectations. According to the studio's official website, the Gauntlet -inspired Dungeon Smash took "two years of on-and-off" to develop. The game features original music, which was written by Tom Barton and Jamie Telford. A free demo of Dungeon Smash is available through the Xbox Indie Games Channel.

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