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Capcom releasing one final Resident Evil 6 special package in Japan

If you thought Capcom had run out of ways to repackage Resident Evil 6 into another SKU to sell, think again.

The company revealed Biohazard 6 Special Package in Famitsu magazine this week, a special budget edition of the PS3/Xbox 360 title that goes for only 3,600 yen (about $35) as a download and 3,990 yen as a retail package. Users will receive the game with all of the downloadable content pre-installed, including the four new game modes, seven new stages, and (if you're playing in Japan) the full Japanese-language voice package.

Buy the physical retail edition of the Special Package, and you'll also get a special DVD that includes all the original RE6 trailers and digest videos of all the game's story cutscenes, again with Japanese voices.

The title's due out Aug. 8 in Japan, part of a generally Resident Evil-heavy summer over there — in addition to the new "Biohazard: The Real" attraction that just opened in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Capcom's debuting two free-to-play games (Biohazard Outbreak Survive and Minna to Biohazard Clan Master) on Japanese mobile devices.

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