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Saints Row 4 trailer celebrates Independence Day with somewhat inspirational speech

A new trailer from Volition celebrates the Fourth of July by exhorting Americans to throw off the yoke of their imperial oppressors, who happen to be aliens this time around.

Following the invasion of the conquering Zin empire, Vice President Keith David (played by actor Keith David) rallies the Saints, the United States and the world to action in a dramatic call to arms. The speech is delivered in a manner reminiscent of another White House address regarding an upcoming battle against evil aliens on Independence Day, but being Saints Row is a good deal more tongue-in-cheek and raunchy. No longer will people live in fear of their "anal-probing overlords," for they will be fought in the air, streets and in text-based adventure games starring a dominatrix.

The trailer plays over footage of the player character, the President, fighting aliens with his (or her) newfound superpowers. There is also what appears to be a potential romance sequence with one of the other Saints, though as with the rest of the trailer it's played wholly for laughs.

Saints Row 4 hits Xbox 360, Windows and PlayStation 3 this August.

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