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MirrorMoon extended edition pre-order and beta access coming Aug. 7

Exploratory adventure MirrorMoon will launch its pre-order and beta access program on Aug. 7, developer Santa Ragione told Polygon today.

Those who pre-order will receive access to the MirrorMoon beta and the final game when it launches, both as a DRM-free download and through Steam. Pre-orders are available through the game's official website.

The version launching in August will be MirrorMoon EP, an extended edition that expands the original adventure. The EP also includes a brand new mode that opens up additional procedurally-generated galaxies outside of the original game's lonely planet. Players will travel to these new worlds in a spaceship, where they will be able to interact with a complicated, "apparently indecipherable" cockpit to get there. Once there, players can explore and even name these new regions of space.

Players will be able to share the star maps from their games with other MirrorMoon players through an asynchronous online multiplayer mode. By sharing new planets and galaxies, players can help each other gain a broader understanding of the wider world of MirrorMoon EP.

MirrorMoon EP is also slated to launch on Ouya later this year. The game was a Nuovo Award finalist in the 2013 Independent Games Festival. Check out Polygon's interview with the development team here.

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