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Guild Wars 2 celebrates a queen's 10-year reign on Aug. 6

The next major content update slated to hit Guild Wars 2 on Aug. 6 is Queen's Jubilee, a festival commemorating the 10-year reign of Queen Jennah, ArenaNet announced today.

Players can hop a hot air balloon to the Divinity's Reach area, where they can celebrate with other citizens in the capital of the Krytan nation. A new gladiator arena has been opened for the occasion, challenging players to clash in ceremonial combat as one of the many ways to celebrating Queen Jennah's decade of rule. Players will have the chance to win new watchwork parts to be used in crafting recipes and a Watchknight, a small figurine modeled after the queen's guards.

New features in the update include a new wallet that allows players to keep all currency in one bag — coins, dungeon tokens, karma, laurels, gems, and any other kind of tradable token. Players can also test their mettled in a Solo Arena for PvP, allowing them to join challenges without having to gather a large group.

The Queen's Jubilee update is part of ArenaNet's commitment to bring new content to Guild Wars 2 on a bi-weekly basis. Queen's Jubilee is the third such update and part of the developer's "living story" feature, a set of updates encouraging players to become more involved in the game's fluid, overarching storyline. The previous major update, Cutthroat Politics, launched on July 23.

ArenaNet will host a Twitch livestream on Aug. 5 at 3 p.m. ET to give players a first look at the Queen's Jubilee.