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This headset claims to shock the brain to improve your gaming

The makers of the gaming headset present an interesting proposal: wear our headgear and we'll shock your brain to help you improve your high score.

The headset, which recently passed FCC certification but has yet to receive the approval of the FDA, sits on the forehead for five to 10 minutes and uses transcranial direct-current simulation — a low current of small electrodes — to stimulate the front part of the brain, or the prefrontal cortex. According to the product's website, the gentle dose of electrodes may improve cognitive functions and short-term memory. The shocks are said to "overclock" the brain and help neurons fire faster, helping gamers process those lightning-fast mid-combat decisions and pushing them to pull the trigger or attain their goal more efficiently.

Transcranial direct-current stimulation is already known for its medical uses in treating patients with brain injuries and depression. The product page clearly states that the headset is not for medical use, but that is has been "tested to all required regulatory standards."

The headset also utilizes a low-energy Bluetooth connection that allows users to control the headset with a mobile app. Currently the app is available for iOS, with an Android version planned for the future.

Current reviews for the hardware mention tingling and burning sensations that persist after use and visual distortion. is slated to ship soon and is available for purchase via its website for $249.

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