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Classic Langres multiplayer map added to Company of Heroes 2

The Langres map, one of the more popular multiplayer maps from Company of Heroes, has been added to Company of Heroes 2, developer Relic Entertainment announced today.

The classic map, which has been given a "suitable Eastern Front twist" according to a press statement, will be available later today as part of a free update.

The Langres map was created for Company of Heroes as part of a map design competition held by Relic. Since the map's release in 2008, Langres has been the battleground for more than 3.2 million multiplayer matches, racking up about 1.2 million hours of combat.

Relic notes that the new map is available in both summer and winter forums for both seasons' campaigns and has been tweaked with additional houses and hay barrels for players to navigate. Langres is available for one-on-one matches using the automatch feature and for both one-on-one and two-versus-two custom matches.

Company of Heroes 2 launched worldwide on June 25 for Windows PC. Read our review of Relic's latest real-time strategy title here.

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