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Neverwinter reaches two million players

Neverwinter, Cryptic Studios' free-to-play D&D online RPG, has managed to bring in a player base of over two million adventurers, publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced today.

The game, which officially launched last month following a lengthy beta testing period, will be expanded later this summer with the launch of Neverwinter's first add-on module: a free update titled Fury of the Feywild. The expansion will add a new area, Sharandar, to the game, a new kind of quest structure for players to utilize while exploring the new region and a slew of other new features. Fury of the Feywild will be released August 22.

The number of players was touted in a new trailer sent to Polygon by Perfect World, which is embedded above. For more on our thoughts about Cryptic's action-oriented take on the classic role-playing franchise, check out our review.