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Twin-stick shooter Narco Terror hits PSN with a launch trailer

A new launch trailer heralds the release of Narco Terror on Sony's PlayStation Network.

Deep Silver follows former special ops agent Rick Quinn on a quest to rescue his daughter from a drug cartel controlled by his former partner. The game was inspired both by classic titles like Commando and modern games like Geometry Wars, writes Deep Silver's Remy van Leeuwen on the PlayStation Blog.

Weapons can be upgraded through cash earned via destroying the world around the player or by finding hidden collectibles, and every weapon can use four different bullet types like incendiary or armor-piercing rounds. True to the 80s-action style, there will also be special limited-use weapons like a flamethrower or laser cannon.

Narco Terror is available now on PlayStation Network for $9.99; the game hits Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow.

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