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Mobile Watch List - Sky Tourist, Prince of Persia and A Ride into the Mountains

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The journey is always better than the destination.

Sky Tourist (iOS)

This adorable arcade game sees you controlling two rockets tied together with a rope. In the middle of that rope: A sky tourist. By manipulating the height of the rockets, you can make him slide left and right, collecting gems and other random nicknacks. Super responsive controls, though I was maybe too stupid for some of the game's puzzles.

A Ride into the Mountains (iOS / Android)

This artsy, pixelated adventure game tells the story of Zu, who is trying to discover what has happened to his local magical artifact. If the into cinematic is any indication, a large rock fell on it. Anyway, this game offers a pretty groovy art style, though the gameplay is somewhat simplistic and the motion controls feel tacked on.

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame (iOS / Android)

A few years back, Ubisoft released an excellent HD remake of the original Prince of Persia. The Shadow and the Flame is the same idea, but for the sequel. Remarkably clever touch controls and pretty graphics make it an easy pick.