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Fighting game tourneys team up to standardize anti-collusion rule

Tournament directors for the fighting game community, including those representing the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament, Final Round and Civil War, will standardize rules against player collusion, Shoryuken reports.

The new rule is modeled after Evo's and decrees that any form of collusion is equal to cheating. Any tournament competitor found purposefully underperforming, collaborating or manipulating the results of a competition will be "immediately disqualified." Those who are disqualified forfeit their right to prizes or titles earned from the tournament.

Fighting game community supporter Mad Catz has already lauded the new rule, adding that it wants to "take a serious stand" in terms of supporting the overall community.

"Out of respect to all the other sponsors/event organizers that put their time and resources into creating amazing events, we want to make sure that everything is done to maintain the integrity and respect of those events," the statement reads. "Mad Catz is in full support of a standard set of rules to preserve the legitimacy of each event, and going forward will only support events that institute such rules."

The following tournaments will now operate under this rule:

  • Big E Gaming Events (Northeast Championships, Summer Jam, and Winter Brawl)
  • Community Effort Orlando
  • Civil War
  • East Coast Throwdown
  • The Fall Classic
  • Final Round
  • Level|Up Events (Wednesday Night Fights, and The Runback)
  • MTLSF Events
  • Northwest Majors
  • Shadowloo Showdown
  • NorCal Regionals
  • Toronto Top Tiers (TORYUKEN, Canadian East Coast Championships)
  • Treta Championship
  • Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament

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