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Zombies, Run! includes achievements for distance, speed

Achievements for Zombies, Run!, Six to Start's immersive running game, rewards players for running certain distances, speeds and more, the developer announced via its website.

Zombies, Run! is an exercise-driven game where players listen to audio narrations, collect virtual supplies and more. Players can unlock more than 70 achievements, though not all of them will include instructions on how to accomplish them. Some will be accidentally unlocked, according to the post, while others will be gained retroactively.

"We designed these achievements not only to help you to explore everything Zombies, Run! has to offer, but also to motivate you to improve as a runner," the post reads. "Every achievement falls into an ‘early-game,' ‘mid-game' or ‘late-game' category so you can always feel you have a new task or milestone within your grasp."

For advanced players who want to keep playing Zombies, Run! after completing it, the game will also include a "hardcore" category with more difficult challenges. Players can view their achievements by logging onto the game's beta site.

For more on Zombies, Run!, check out our interview with co-creator and lead writer Naomi Alderman. The game is currently available for iOS and Android.

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