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Dark Souls now harder with user-created first-person view

Longtime fans of From Software who long for the perspective of the King's Field series in Dark Souls may want to take note of a set of tweaks that enable first-person view in the Windows PC version of the game. A word of warning though; its creator says the notoriously difficult role-playing game becomes "next to unplayable" from first-person.

YouTube user and Dark Souls modder "Soul Slasher" posted the above video this week of the game from first-person, a feat accomplished by equipping certain armor, changing the size of the player's body and head size to zero (or smaller) and moving the game's camera in closer to the action. The result is a mostly functional first-person perspective, though with some awkwardly floating arms.

Mods featured in the video are available at NexusMods, where a more capable first-person mod for Dark Souls will assuredly appear someday soon.

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