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New Pokemon trailer introduces the tree-like Aurotto

A new trailer for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y gives an overview of the series' new features and introduces a new pocket monster.

The trailer shows the male and female protagonists running around the world and engaging in battles with wild Pokémon. In battle, the player's Fennekin uses a new skill called Glow Punch, which appears to be a Fire-type move.

The trailer also introduces a new Pokémon, Aurotto, which resembles a walking tree. From its appearance, Aurotto is likely a Grass-type Pokémon, and the player is shown fighting five at once in one of the new Horde Battles.

The rest of the trailer covers features that have already been announced, like Sky Battles and Pokémon-Amie, in which the player can use the 3DS' touch feature to interact with her or his Pokémon companions.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y launch for Nintendo 3DS worldwide on October 12.

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