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God of War: Ascension DLC weapons free today to July 7

Sony Santa Monica Studio is offering God of War: Ascension multiplayers a July 4 long weekend test-drive of the game's weapons DLC.

Between now and July 7, players have free access to all 11 DLC weapons in each multiplayer mode. Weapons include Spear of Phobos, Mercenary Blade and Hammer of Haphaestus. Any experience leveling gained per weapon during the promotion will be retained for players who purchase the weapon after the event. Sony is calling the promo its 'Arsenal of the Gods Preview Extravaganza'.

"Right now, jump in to God of War: Ascension multiplayer and get a brutal hands-on test drive with 11 of our DLC weapons for free, in every multiplayer mode," wrote community strategist Aaron Kaufman on the PlayStation Blog. "These weapons will be unlocked and ready for you the moment you jump in to customize your warrior."

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