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Dark now available on Steam for Windows PC

RealmForge's vampiric stealth game, Dark, is now available on Windows PC via Steam for $39.99.

In Dark, players take on the role of a vampire out to unravel the mysteries of a nefarious corporation. Players can use the shadows to dispatch enemies while stalking around in what developer RealmForge calls a futuristic "techno universe." Dark vampires have some control over shadows and the ability to teleport short distances, sense the location of enemies, distract foes with sound and instantly kill enemies with melee attacks. The game features role-playing elements, so players can earn experience, develop skills and pick dialogue choices. Dark's enemies range from mortal human police and security guards to other vampires.

For more information about Dark, publisher Kalypso released a trailer for the vampire stealth action title showing off the abilities available to players. Dark is cheduled to hit Xbox 360 on July 9 in North America and July 5 in Europe.

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