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Left 4 Dead 2 for Linux out of beta

Valve released the Left 4 Dead 2 beta build from beta, meaning the game's Linux version and Extended Mutation System will see an official release on Steam, according to an update on the game's official website.

According to Valve, the Linux version "is ready for primetime" and it will be opened up to more people and then released officially on Steam. Valve released the Left 4 Dead 2 beta build in May, granting L4D2 players test both the game's Extended Mutation System — which allows modders create customizable maps and Mutations — and the Linux beta version of the game.

In addition to the beta build's conclusion, the Extended Mutation System received a bevy of new Mutation and game modes on the L4D2 workshop. According to the blog, the content includes Vicious Infected, Boomer Peril, Stranded, Vampirism, Plague of the Dead, Zombie Run and Tiny Terror. In the post, Valve suggests that gamers check out multi-map Mutation called Holdout, which was developed to highlight components of the EMS' functionality.

Last week, Valve rolled out an update when it converted over to SteamPipe. According to Valve, server operators now have an easier update path and smaller downloads with SteamPipe. Clients also receive an improved "downloading experience" and can now install L4D2 on any drive. More details about SteamPipe and the update are available on the support page.

Left 4 Dead 2 first launched on Nov. 17, 2009, for Windows PC and Xbox 360 in North America and was later ported to Mac via Steam.

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