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Random dude takes over Zynga's Coasterville help desk, teases players

When Eric Mueller began receiving emailed help requests for the Zynga game Coasterville, he understood there had been a mix-up. Zynga had mistakenly used his email address as the contact for folks having troubles with the social theme park game.

So, he did the sensible thing. He contacted Zynga representatives to let them know about the mistake, and please could they fix it so he wouldn't have to keep telling these people that they'd come to the wrong place.

Zynga did nothing.

That's when he started doing the not-sensible thing. He started 'helping' the unfortunate players with some advice of his own.

I love brown bears, folding chairs and little curly hairs

Kotaku has a selection of Mueller's handy Coasterville tips today, which include suggesting to one Canadian player to try laying a hockey jersey over a keyboard a few times. Another was directed to hold down the M,E and H keys, to access a castle.

Clearly, Mueller was beginning to have some fun with his victims. Another was told to try pointing their mouse curser in all four corners of the screen, in turn. Another received this tip: "I have a solution from our engineering team. It is a little bit strange, but here's how it works. You need to go to five of your Facebook friends and post this message on their wall, 'I love brown bears, folding chairs and little curly hairs!'"

Zynga has finally taken note of the situation and changed Coasterville's contact information. Whether any of the unfortunate help-seekers have managed to access the castle, open the treasure chest or otherwise expand their theme parks is unknown.

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