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LabZeroGames' opens Skullgirls PC beta to IndieGoGo backers

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LabZeroGames' have opened Skullgirls' Windows PC beta to IndieGoGo backers, according to an update on the game's IndieGoGo campaign.

Those who backed the campaign at the tier of $36 or more can claim a Steam activation key via their HumbleBundle page. Consumers who wish to partake in the Windows PC beta can still do so by donating to the project at tiers of $36 and $81 through the LabZeroGames store.

In May, it was revealed by an image posted online that LabZeroGames' 2D fighting title will be released in Japanese arcades, with LabZeroGames' CEO Peter Bartholow later confirming the news on NeoGAF. A Japanese developer is handling the arcade port and will include the five new characters funded through the studio's crowdfunding campaign. Skullgirls will see a release in Japanese arcades via a platform used to run video games on arcade machines called NesicaxLive.

Reverge Labs, the original developer, initially released Skullgirls on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade last Spring. LabZeroGames, consisting of former Reverge staffers, launched an IndieGoGo campaign in February to raise $150,000 in crowdfunding to develop a new character for the fighting game. The Skullgirls campaign ended in March and received a total of $829,829 in pledges, raising enough money to fund the development for five new characters.

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