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Indian PC gamers take to Twitter to protest EA price rises

Gamers in India have taken to Twitter to protest Electronic Arts' plans for gaming price rises in that country.

Under the hashtag #EAPCIndia, dozens of gamers have turned up to complain about EA's decision to price PC games at significantly higher levels than the traditional 999 to 1499 Indian Rupees, which is equivalent to between $17 and $25. According to MCV India, forthcoming games like Battlefield 4, Need For Speed: Rivals and FIFA 14 are priced at between Rs 2499 and Rs 3499 ($59) bringing them into line with Western prices.

MCV India speculates that the move has been prompted by a desire to stop non-Indian gamers using VPN services to buy games cheaply via EA's online retail site Origin. EA isn't the only company raising prices, although reports suggest that other publishers have raised prices less sharply.

On Twitter, gamers are unimpressed. One wrote that it is "a dumb business move, pushing people to piracy". Another stated, "It's just hilarious that they expect people to pay over 3k for FIFA 14 or a Need For Speed title."

Polygon has contacted Electronic Arts for more information.