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Pikmin 3 trailer offers a brief look at gameplay

Nintendo released a new trailer for the latest title in the Pikmin franchise, Pikmin 3, that includes a quick look at gameplay.

Pikmin 3 follows series newcomers Alph, Brittany and Charlie as they command a horde of working creatures called Pikmin. The 30-second trailer, which you can watch above, features Pikmin hauling food, retrieving items from far off locations and marching obediently through the game's world.

Announced at E3 2012, Pikmin 3 will feature three different control schemes, off-TV play, co-op and more. Players can also expect new breeds of the game's titular creatures, including Winged and Rock Pikmin.

Pikmin 3 will launch in North America Aug. 4 for Wii U at retail or as a download from the Nintendo eShop. For more about the game, check out our in-depth look and interview with creator Shigeru Miyamoto from E3 2013.

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