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Team Fortress 2's upcoming update will remove bugs and exploits from maps

The next major update for Team Fortress 2 will fix bugs and remove exploits from maps, according the first post on the game's official blog outlining what is in store for the update.

"TF2 has been evolving since the day we released it back in 2007. Unfortunately, as players' tactics and abilities have grown, so have the bugs and exploits in some of the maps," the blog states. "For example, since Badwater shipped in The Heavy Update, TF2 has added more than 140 weapons to the game, some of which introduced new capabilities: sentry jumping, rocket jumping with no health cost, the ability to pick up and move your buildings. All of these are just a fraction of the many ways players can now turn maps like Badwater upside down."

For instance, as the post outlines, players started sentry jumping to build on roofs to move behind enemy lines and spawn camp. Valve states that while it loves players inventing new ways to win, "It's never fun to be gunned down from above and behind."

The update will also introduce two new community-created Capture Point maps, Process and Standin, created by Ian Cuslidge. Process features five streamlined Capture Points and Standin is a triple Cap Point free-for-all.

Released in May, the previous major update for Team Fortress 2, called Robotic Boogaloo, featured a comic that tied into Team Fortress 2's backstory, a new animated short and 57 virtual items for players to collect and craft.