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Kingdom Hearts creator hoping to add Star Wars and Marvel content in future

Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura is keen to include Star Wars and Marvel-related content to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, he told Finaland during last week's Japan Expo in Paris.

But despite interest from the game's creator, restrictions in place by Disney are still a barrier to entry for any new franchise the team hopes to incorporate in the Kingdom Hearts universe. "Of course it would be great if we could add those licenses as well," said Nomura. "But there are lots of rules and restrictions by Disney so we can't actually put in everything people want.

"So it's a quite difficult decision but we're gonna prepare some surprises for you so, just wait for the information."

The Kingdom Hearts head also highlighted Final Fantasy developer Yoshinori Kitase's own interest in the potential cross-over, highlighting the significance of the recent acquisition of Star Wars by Disney. "We're not going to decide it whether Kitase-san likes Star Wars or not but we've been talking about Star Wars itself since it became Disney's content recently. When I heard the news I was like wow, wow'. Obviously it's gonna be great if we could add it," he commented.

The team is currently working on the development of Kingdom Hearts 3, slated to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game will feature a mature Sora on new adventures with Mickey, Donald and Goofy. He will travel to all-new Disney-themed worlds previously unseen in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

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