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Neverwinter adding new campaign system later this summer

Dungeons and Dragons massively multiplayer online game Neverwinter will be getting a new campaign system in its next update Fury of the Feywild, slated to launch later this summer, developer Perfect World Entertainment announced over the weekend.

The campaign system is a "meta-quest" setup that will allow players to unlock three new areas in the Sharandar region through adventuring and completing smaller goals, rather than having to complete larger quests. The system will use a new interface window were players will find listed the Projects, or mini-quests, they must finish in order to open each new area. Players will also be able to unlock a new dungeon, Malabog Castle, as well as new items and passive abilities for their characters.

The Sharandar area will include repeatable quests that, once finished, will give players rewards that can be used to unlock content in the campaign system. Players can also progress more quickly through the campaign lineup by finishing Projects to acquire keys for solo tasks, or teaming up with four more players to complete the Malabog Castle dungeon.

Players who choose to tackle the Sharandar region's campaign will also be able to purchase new tier 1 and tier 2 armor, as well as several new weapons designed specifically for each class.

Neverwinter, Perfect World's free-to-play MMO, launched last month. Interested players can sign up for free on the game's official website.

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