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Iwata says sales of new 3DS Mii Plaza games off to a 'good start'

Sales of four new games for the Nintendo 3DS Mii Plaza feature are off to a "good start," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced in a recent Q&A for company shareholders.

According to Iwata, more than 200,000 3DS owners bought one or more of the new games during their launch week. These four titles are currently available in Japan and Europe, and include shoot-em-up StreetPass Squad, gardening simulator StreetPass Garden, puzzle game StreetPass Mansion and mini strategy game StreetPass Battle. Currently the games sell for around $7 each, or $21 for all four together, and there is no set launch date for the games in North America.

Iwata also noted that sales were achieved with "no mass-media advertising." He added that separate paid DLC for consoles is something the company has only adopted in the past year, as it was not as prevalent when the company initially launched the 3DS.

"But we now have the environment where we can do such things, and as we considered what we could do with Nintendo 3DS, we felt that it might be interesting to expand StreetPass Mii Plaza by adopting a similar (competition-style) model that we took in the past, and I'm happy to say that the new StreetPass games are the product of our year-long preparations," Iwata said.

"I think that products like these ones will provide new business opportunities for Nintendo in the future," he added.

Polygon has reached out to Nintendo of America regarding plans to launch the new Mii Plaza games in the region. We'll share more information as we have it.

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