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The Molyneux Experience puts players in the shoes of the Fable creator (correction)

The Molyneux Experience is a web game available now and created by a developer known as "Shish," which casts players in the role of the man who created Populous, Fable and more, Peter Molyneux.

The game's subtitle asks "What would it be like, to be him for a day?" and tasks you (as Molyneux, who's known for his sometimes grandiose statements) with turning the mundane aspects of regular life like flipping pancakes into something better. In the first level, as you complete each flip of the pancake, you're inundated with ideas about how you can make "a world of beauty and emotion" into something "even better" by clicking to write down your awesome ideas.

You can check out the game to experience the challenge of being Peter Molyneux making breakfast, driving to work and more at the Molyneux Experience's official website.

Correction: As our commenters pointed out, the Molyjam Deux was held this past weekend. The Molyneux Experience is one of the games submitted at the event. We apologize for the error.