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Bungie developers walk us through the Destiny E3 demo

A new video has three Bungie artists offering developer commentary over the studio's 12-minute Destiny demo from last month's E3 show.

The video features commentary from Bungie's environmental art lead Mike Zak, environment artist Mark Peterson and technical art director Ryan Ellis. The trio alternate between cracking jokes, like calling a collection of bombed-out cars "really horrible traffic," and offering new insight on the demo and the cutscenes that bookend it.

The artists point out some of the new technologies shown in the demo, like the decorators and real-time lighting, as well as authentic bird simulations that makes them react believably to the player's actions, usually by flying away. They also offer some hints at the game's plot, saying that the giant wall which serves as the level's setting was built to protect the "colony ships," but refrain from giving away too much information.

Destiny is slated for a release next year on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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