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Stealth inc. launching on PS3 and PS Vita July 23

Curve Studios' 2D platformer Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark is slated to hit PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on July 23, followed by a European release on July 24, the developer told Joystiq.

The game initially launched on Windows PC and Steam, while the upcoming PlayStation 3 and PS Vita release will be cross-buy enabled, allowing those who purchase on one platform to access a copy on the other.

The studio recently changed the games name in an attempt to reach a wider audience, rechristening the original "Stealth Bastard" with its current title Stealth Inc. The new name is a mashup of two entries from a recent contest, which gathered over 3,500 suggestions. Ash Baker submitted the Stealth Inc. and Ben Collins submitted A Clone in the Dark. Both will be credited in the PlayStation ports.

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