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Guild Wars 2 introduces new Skyhammer PvP map

Guild Wars 2 players will soon be able to access a new player-versus-player battleground, the airborne Skyhammer, according to a post from ArenaNet's David Campbell on the game's official website.

On Skyhammer, groups of players will battle for control of three specific capture points and special weapons within a secret lab. The terrain also hosts a massive destructive weapon, a lightning-firing asura cannon, and players who control it will have the advantage over their enemies.

Other tide-turning elements include jump pads — which will help players get over higher ledges and walls and have previously only been used in the Super Adventure Box area — and shattering floor panels, which activate a timed explosion once walked on.

According to environment artist Darrin Claypool, the team at ArenaNet has been working on Skyhammer for about four months.

"One thing I'd been advocating for a long time was an elevated map where you could push people off to their deaths," Claypool said. "And on Skyhammer if you fall, it is a really long way before you hit the ground."

Claypool also added that the Skyhammer map has been given a very "old school" feel, and is similar in some ways to maps in the first-person shooter Quake games. Check out the video above for a look at Skyhammer in action.

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