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Soldiers Inc, a real-world inspired RTS, headed to Facebook in coming weeks

Social and mobile developer Plarium plans to launch real-time strategy game Soldiers Inc. on Facebook within the coming weeks, the company announced today.

Plarium, the studio behind Facebook games Total Domination and Stormfall: Age of War, is working with BAFTA award winner and veteran industry composer Jesper Kyd on the Soldiers Inc. soundtrack. Kyd's history with scoring video games includes the Assassin's Creed, Hitman and Borderlands series, as well as recently-launched State of Decay from Undead Labs and Darksiders 2.

Soldiers Inc. is a multiplayer title set in a near future in which players must maneuver their army through a ruined state. Players will build strategies to move their "soldiers of fortune" through the world, searching for hidden goods. A press release from Plarium also notes the game is "inspired by present-day military forces."

"Soldiers Inc. delivers gameplay, storyline, graphics, sound and music in social gaming unlike the industry or players have ever seen," said Plarium CEO Avi Shalel in a press statement. "Our success stems from pushing the envelope to give gamers what they want. We don't rely on trial and error, instead, we listen and deliver."

In early June, Plarium announced it would bring its web-based strategy title Total Domination to iOS devices as free-to-play game Total Domination: Reborn. We have reached out for more details on a specific launch date for Soldiers Inc. and will share details we have them.

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