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Final Fantasy 10 HD comparison video reveals the tiny things masked by SD

A new video out from Square Enix shows the original SD version of Final Fantasy 10 alongside its HD remaster.

The video contains the full opening cutscene of the classic PlayStation 2 JRPG, with the game's cast sitting in a circle around a campfire in the ruins of the city of Zanarkand. The colors in the HD remaster seem to be using a more realistic palette, and it looks like some of the facial animations have been slightly changed, though this could simply be a side-effect of the switch to HD.

The HD version also makes it much easier to see details like protagonist Tidus' earring or the individual chain links on his necklace, which is actually a separate object rather than just a texture painted on his chest.

Final Fantasy 10 will be available on PlayStation 3 as part of a single-disc bundle including the HD remaster of its sequel Final Fantasy 10-2. The two games will be sold separately on PS Vita.

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