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Chasing Aurora developers unveil aerial exploration title Secrets of Rætikon

Chasing Aurora developers, Broken Rules, unveiled an aerial exploration game consisting of three chapters titled Secrets of Rætikon.

While a specific launch date and platform for Secrets of Rætikon weren't outlined, the title is slated for release sometime this year. In development since early 2011, Broken Rules says the game is for those who have ever dreamed of flying and that the game's design "started at the idea of simulating the kind of flight that one experiences in dreams."

"In this exploration game set in the alpine mountains, the player unlocks the secrets of the world around him one by one," Secrets of Rætikon's announcement states. "Flying freely through a rugged landscape, he encounters wild animals and remnants of an ancient civilisation. Whether the player engages in combat or solves the mysteries of the world peacefully is up to her."

Environments include hills, forests, snowy mountain tops and lightning storms. Players can interact with the animals they encounter, including the ability to lure, feed, tease and set them upon each other. To see Secrets of Rætikon in action, check out the video above.

Broken Rules released its last game, a side-scrolling aerial action game titled Chasing Aurora, for the Wii U on Nov. 18, in North America. The game featured single-player modes, along with asymmetric multiplayer using the console's GamePad and up to four more on other controllers.

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