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Ms. Splosion Man on iOS updated to v1.1, going on sale for $0.99

Ms. Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel Games updated the iOS version of the exploding platformer to version 1.1 today, fixing bugs and adding features like iCloud support, the studio announced today.

The addition of iCloud support allows users to synchronize their save games in the cloud across iOS devices. Twisted Pixel also tweaked Ms. Splosion Man's in-game economy and updated the artwork for the user interface.

Twisted Pixel launched Ms. Splosion Man on iOS at the end of March, and the studio is putting the game on sale for $0.99 — a 66 percent discount off its regular price — for a limited time.

This won't be the end of development on the iOS port, according to Twisted Pixel.

"We're going to start thinking now about what should go into the next update, and we need to hear from you," said Mike Wilford, CEO of Twisted Pixel, in a post on the studio's website.

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