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Polytron producer 'kind of in shock' at Fez 2 cancellation

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

When Polytron co-founder Phil Fish canceled Fez 2 and quit the industry this past weekend, the announcement surprised Marie-Christine Bourdua, a producer at the studio, just as much as everyone else, reports Joystiq.

Bourdua, who said she wasn't in Montreal — the home of Polytron — when Fish made the announcement on Twitter, was "kind of in shock about [Fez 2] over the weekend," she told Joystiq at Torontaru July, a new meetup in Toronto for game developers and fans.

"But it's OK," she added. "It was weird and special to learn it that way, but I respect and trust Phil a lot, so that's totally fair that he decided that and he has his reasons."

Renaud Bédard, who served as the programmer on Fez and left the studio for Capybara Games last November, said he and Bordua "learnt [about the Fez 2 cancellation] the same minute you did."

He added, "The development of Fez 2 is up to [Fish]. If he decided [to cancel it] now or he decided it at the end of development, it's easier to cut it out now, than it is to say, 'Hey, we've been working on this for years and I'm not feeling able to finish it.' So in that way it just makes more sense."

According to a tweet from Polytron sent on July 29, the studio "isn't going anywhere," and Bordua said that Mac and Linux ports of Fez are in development. She added that the company is "working with Sony," although there's no confirmation at this point of PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita versions of the game.

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