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Infinite Crisis gets early-access founders programs, a new trailer

A new trailer for DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis details the game's second map, Coast City.

Unlike the by-now standard two-sides-three-lanes map layout common to the MOBA genre, Coast City is shaped like a pentagon with control points and turrets scattered throughout. The center of the map is dominated by a giant Doomsday Device that each side must attempt to hold.

Players will be able to see Coast City early by enrolling in one of the newly-announced Founders programs and buying the game ahead of time. The three different tiers of being a Founder ($19.99, $49.99 and $99.99) all offer early-beta access to Coast City and varying amounts of in-game currency and champion unlocks depending on the price point. Higher tiers come with exclusive in-game costumes, and the highest tier includes early access to the game's next map, Gotham Divided.

Infinite Crisis is currently in beta testing.