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Infamous: Second Son dev diary talks art, animation and smoke

A developer diary for Sucker Punch's Infamous: Second Son discusses the first of protagonist Delsin's powers: the ability to conjure, project, absorb and turn into fire and smoke.

Delsin's unique ability is that he can absorb the powers of other conduits, similar to going up to a genie and "wishing for more wishes." The smoke power allows him to dematerialize and pass through enemies, shoot bolts of fire, and enter air vents on buildings.

To get smoke from cars that you can use, naturally the player has to destroy them. "Every designer loves a burning car. I don't know why, but every effects artist has to do this at some point," says Mark Wood, a visual effects artist on the game.

The video shows the art and animation teams in meetings, discussing how things should look with plenty of vocal sound effects.