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Rain dev diary discusses getting lost in a strange city at night

A new developer diary for SCE Japan Studios' Rain asks the viewer if they remember what it was like to get lost as a child.

Director Yuki Ikeda says that as a child, getting lost brings about feelings of loneliness and fear, but also curiosity. That's the emotional backing for Rain, a story about a boy from a city of daytime who finds himself lost in a city of eternal night. Not only does the boy lose track of his whereabouts, but he also loses his own body, only becoming visible outside in the rain.

The art team tried to make environments that felt lived-in, where players could immerse themselves and feel like other people had been there mere moments before the player arrived. "Feeling the ghost of someone's presence will calm people and spur on their curiosity about what lies ahead," says designer Tomokazu Oki.

Rain is planned for a release later this year on PlayStation 3.

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