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Mega Man creator's fictional niece seeks love in Sweet Fuse trailer

A new trailer for Sweet Fuse: At Your Side introduces the various characters appearing alongside protagonist Saki Inafune, the fictional niece of noted Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune.

Inafune (that is, the fictional Inafune) is trapped inside a theme park by the wicked Count Hogstein, where she and other captives must compete in deadly trials based on other video games. Along the way, she can speak with her male compatriots and learn more about them; her actions and the player's choices will lead to one of fourteen different endings in seven story paths.

The male characters trapped with Inafune include "Shidou, a serious and dedicated police detective; Mitarashi, a loud, reckless, hot-headed escort; Wakasa, a young, skittish pop star; Meoshi, a shy hardcore gamer; Shirabe, an older and experienced journalist; Urabe, a quiet, kind fortune teller; and a mysterious young man who offers his help."

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side hits PSP and PS Vita on August 27.

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