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Notch, Molyneux, Suda51 on Indie Speed Run judges panel

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Indie Speed Run — in which competing developers create a game within a 48-hour period — has announced this year's panel of judges, including Peter Molyneux, Notch, Kim Swift and Suda51.

Registration for the online September event is open today. The contest carries a $25 fee per team, but the charge doesn't apply until the 48-hour game clock begins, and two random elements for use in the games are sent out to competitors.

The panel of 14 judges are as follows...

  • Peter Molyneux (Fable, Godus, Curiosity, Black & White)
  • Markus 'Notch' Persson (Minecraft)
  • Suda51 (No More Heroes, Killer7)
  • Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, The Cave)
  • Brian Fargo (Fallout, Wasteland)
  • Kim Swift (Portal, Quantum Conundrum)
  • Dan Pinchbeck (Dear Ester, Amnesia)
  • Matthew Davis and Justin Ma (FTL)
  • Trent Oster (BioWare co-founder, Baldur's Gate)
  • Brian Provinciano (Retro City Rampage)
  • Jason Rohrer (Castle Doctrine)
  • Ian Dallas (Unfinished Swan)
  • Andrew Spinks (Terraria)

Each judge nominates his or her favorite entry, before prizes of $2,500, $1,000 and $500 are awarded to first, second and third places. All the games in the contest are posted online for play after the event.