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Konami surveying fans on possible Metal Gear Rising sequel

On the official Metal Gear website, Konami is linking to a survey that asks fans for their opinions on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, including what they'd like to see in a sequel if one were in development.

The extensive poll asks fans of the Metal Gear series and Revengeance why they liked or disliked certain aspects of the Platinum Games-developed spin-off, including characters, boss fights, mechanics and the cyborg enemies players can slice up. Players are asked whether or not they enjoyed the humor, stealth elements, straightforward plot and Raiden as a character.

If a sequel to Metal Gear Rising was available, Konami asks, what would players expect from the game? Up for consideration are human enemies (instead of cyborgs), online multiplayer modes, a sequel or prequel to the events of Revengeance, longer playing time, elements of romance and more.

The survey asks for less quantitative feedback as well, polling players on whether they enjoyed "the sense of 'Metal Gear-ness'" and how "Platinum Games-ish" the game was.

Both Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance producer Yuji Korekado have expressed interest in developing a follow-up, but only with the involvement of Platinum Games.

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