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You can buy a refurbished 3DS XL in the Nintendo Store

Discounted Nintendo 3DS XLs and a bundle including an SD card are available for purchase online, according to the Nintendo Store's list of "authentic Nintendo refurbished products."

Refurbished blue-and-black and red-and-black 3DS XLs sell for $169.99. Both systems retail for $199.99 new. A red-and-black 3DS XL bundled with a 16 GB SD card is listed for $179.99. New retail and the non-bundled refurbished editions above ship with a 4 GB SD card.

Polygon reported in April that Nintendo was selling refurbished Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi handhelds in its online store. The refurbished products "may have minor cosmetic blemishes," according to the Nintendo Store, but are covered with the same one-year warranty as new products.

In late July, Nintendo announced that a new black Nintendo 3DS is headed to North American retailers Aug. 11.

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