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All You Can Arcade delivers arcade cabinets to your door

Imagine Pac-Man in your living room. Not on your TV. Not through a console. A bona fide, iconic Pac-Man arcade cabinet.

San Francisco-based company All You Can Arcade can make this happen.

For $75 a month and a $75 refundable deposit, California residents can rent any game in All You Can Arcade's inventory, titles like Donkey Kong, Pole Position 2 and Street Fighter 2. According to the company's FAQ, it stocks 100 games and is adding more every month.

Brothers Seth and Timothy Peterson scour the internet looking for deals, refurbish arcade cabinets and deliver them to customers through a monthly subscription service.

"It's a lot of fun looking for the bargains, scoring them off Craigslist or eBay or through the Internet forums," Seth Peterson told the Associated Press. "Anywhere we can find them."

California residents can check out All You Can Arcade's official site to see what games are available in your area.

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