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Codename Cygnus Kickstarter campaign successfully funded

The Kickstarter campaign for Codename Cygnus, Reactive Studios' interactive radio drama in development for iOS, was successfully funded when the crowdfunding campaign ended at 6 p.m. ET today.

The indie developer received nearly $14,000 in pledges, in excess of the campaign's $11,000 goal.

Last week, the developer announced that Rob Wiethoff, who played John Marston in Red Dead Redemption, joined the cast, which also includes Skulls of the Shogun, Gone Home and Resonance alum Sarah Elmaleh, as well as Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham.

The first installment of the episodic Codename Cygnus is slated to be released this month. For more on Rob Wiethoff, who walked away from the industry three years ago, be sure to read Polygon's recent feature.

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