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German studio creates game based on Edward Snowden

Fledgling Berlin-based game development studio has created a game based on former CIA employee Edward Snowden called Eddy's Run: The Prism Prison.

"It is a contribution in the fight against total surveillance and the undermining of democracy. It is our way of protest, an art project that aims to wake up people who still naively think that observation is necessary and does not affect their private life," the game's website states. "It is a cry for help in the support of Edward Snowden and the freedom of each individual. It is setting a sign to stop Eddy's Run and free a refugee being chased by ‘the most powerful country in the world'."

According to the studio called Binji, it "strongly believes" Snowden is a hero and have created Eddy's Run as an "artistic game-homage" to him. The Flash game was created in two weeks and those interested can play it on the game's official site. With only one life, the game puts players in the role of Snowden as he evades the government. Talking to reporters awards laptops, which can be used as weapons against agents and drones.

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