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Canceled Final Fantasy 12 spin-off gets huge video and image compilation

A huge collection of video and assets from the canceled Final Fantasy 12 spin-off, Fortress, has been gathered by a NeoGAF user, showing off what would have been a return to the world of Ivalice.

The title was originally in development by Grin before it was scrapped in 2009, directly resulting in the downfall of the studio. Grin spent six months producing artwork and in-game assets for the game which was said to include "Viking-like" enemies invading from the sea and large-scale battles.

Studio co-founders Bo and Ulf Andersson would later call the game's cancellation by Square Enix a "betrayal." It was reported Square Enix failed to pay Grin for its initial work on the game.

Check out the full compilation of assets that includes early concept art, environmental art, 3D models, and some spectacular character designs.

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