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Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer giving Gamescom keynote

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Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer is slated to give the opening keynote at Gamescom next week, event organizers told CVG.

In a statement to the German media that has yet to be made available to other territories, Spencer is reportedly scheduled to talk about the upcoming Xbox One console and next generation gaming.

"The industry is at a turning point," Spencer said in a statement issued by event organiser Koelnmesse.

"Gamescom is the ideal platform to discuss the impact of new hardware, accessories and software for the next generation of games. There has never been a better time to be a part of this industry. It is exciting to see how developers and authors to use the new opportunities and create a completely new way of playing."

The date and details of Spencer's keynote is yet to be announced. Gamescom runs from August 21-25.