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BreakQuest: Extra Evolution headed to PS Vita this week

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is coming to the PlayStation Vita this week, Beatshapers founder and CEO Alexey Menshikov announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

The Breakout-inspired game will include 101 levels (one of which is secret) and 10 boss battles. There are 17 shuttles in the game that players control, 10 of which unlock from boss battles. BreakQuest: Extra Evolution will also include a new Energy Shield item, designed to keep your ball in play, and the Gravitor, which attracts the game's bouncing balls to the shuttle.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution was released as a PlayStation Mini last October. The game will make its PS Vita debut as a "freemium" title, Menshikov revealed.

"We believe that this model is perfect for our game," he wrote. "Consider it an advanced demo of sorts, with scoreboards and Trophies working out of the box. By default, BreakQuest comes with 33 balls. When balls run out, you can purchase more ball packs with 100, 200, 500 balls. Also there's an Infinite Ball unlock. There's also a mechanism in game to create extra balls by catching ball parts."

In comments to the blog post, Menshikov wrote that 500 balls will cost $3.99 and unlimited balls will cost $6.99.

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