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Transform your router into a StreetPass Relay station

Following Nintendo's latest 3DS software update introducing new StreetPass relay functionality to Nintendo Zone locations, users can turn their home routers into a StreetPass Relay station, according to unofficial instructions posted on the GBA Temp forums, allowing them to draw in StreetPass tags from other 3DS users who use the same method.

"Since you can make your own NZone at home it was just a matter of time to know how Nintendo stored this data on their servers," dicamarques wrote on the forum. "We found out that Nintendo uses the MAC Address of the router where the 3DS connects to. And the idea is pretty simple, we have a list of MAC's that people use to spoof their devices, so the 3DS thinks its connecting to the same router as someone else is from the other of the world."

Last week, Nintendo released 3DS software update version 6.2.0-12U, which introduced new StreetPass functionality to the handheld, allowing 3DS users to "relay" StreetPass data at Nintendo Zone locations. The relay feature lets players StreetPass wirelessly with the most recent 3DS user who visited a Nintendo Zone hotspot, rather than having to StreetPass in real-time through a local wireless connection.

Nintendo Zone hotspots in North America include Best Buy, Simon malls, Future Shop and AT&T wi-fi hot spot locations, but with the workaround users will be able to set-up a Nintendo Zone hotspot in their home.

The forum offers full guides on how to do the workaround on most platforms, including Linux machines running Ubuntu, Android devices, MAC-spoofing capable routers, Mac OSX and Windows 7 and 8 machines. Additional details, guides and security tutorials are located on the 3DS subreddit, posted by user Jimbolicious.

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