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World Zombination lets you mutate humans into zombie units

Proletariat announces debut game

Boston-based indie developer Proletariat announced its debut title today: World Zombination — a faction-based strategy game where players take the side of humans or zombies in a battle for dominance.

The game, which is currently in development for tablets, mobile devices and Windows PC and is due to launch in 2014, allows players to choose different classes of characters within factions, and the gameplay varies depending on which side the player is fighting for. If players support the zombies, their missions will consist of real-time strategy gameplay where they control hordes of zombies and decide which humans to mutate. They can mutate humans into different unit types, which perform different functions (e.g. Spitter or Runner from the teaser trailer above).

The gameplay for the human team is more like a tower defense game, where players can deploy units and decide on squad formations to defend themselves against the zombie hordes. Both sides will have to manage and upgrade their units and army, and use them to fight over cities.

Speaking to Polygon, Proletariat's CEO, Seth Sivak said the studio is currently experimenting with gameplay, mission and map types, and the maps will be a mix of procedurally-generated content and hand-crafted levels. All missions are designed by the developers.

"We plan to run the game as a living entity with a constant supply for new missions, units and gameplay types," he said.

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