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Candy Crush studio shuts down five online games

Social games developer King is shutting down five of its online games in an attempt to slim down its portfolio and focus on lucrative titles like Candy Crush Saga, the company told GamesIndustry International.

As a result, Bubble Saga, Hoop de Loop Saga, Puzzle Saga, Miner Speed and King Gold Games will be affected.

"In order to invest resources behind its most popular games and its forthcoming launches, King has decided to close some of its smaller titles next month," said a company representative.

"The games affected typically have fewer players and, in some cases, were earlier iterations of the hugely successful Saga model that King has developed over the past two years."

In January, Candy Crush Saga boasted 9.7 million daily active users on Facebook, ahead of Zynga's FarmVille 2 which previously had the highest number of daily active users at 8.7 million. The game has since expanded to Japanese and Korean markets for Facebook and mobile.

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